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Cannabis & CBD Wellness Coaching 

Cannabis can be obtained in many forms. CBD products include lotions, gels, oils, supplements, extracts, and more. THC is the main compound in marijuana that gives the high sensation but has so many health benefits with the right dosing can be very effective. It can be consumed by smoking marijuana, oils, edibles, tinctures, capsules, and more.

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Cannabis Wellness Coach

Everyone is different, and medical cannabis is not one size fits all. Factors like age, gender, metabolism, hormones, and medications can affect how your body absorbs and uses CBD. Working with one of our coaches eliminates the guessing game by closely tracking your ideal CBD/Cannabis  profile through ongoing consultations and a closely monitored 90 Day or longer program.

As a Certified Cannabis Wellness Coach we help people with chronic pain, anxiety, stress and depression, patients wanting an natural alternative to pharmaceutical medication and many other symptoms, Our program assists clients to understand how to effectively use Cannabis to relieve their ailments and take back control of their lives. This allows them to live their best lives. Each Client will have unique goals and with planning and understanding of the program and your choices you can take back your life and health.

Dosing is very important to be effective. Did you know sometimes less is more to achieve your personal sweet spot and the method of intake is different for many.  You don't have to get wasted for cannabis to be effective. You may not want the Psychoactive effect and CBD may be the perfect solution depending on your needs.  CBD does not make you feel high. but can assist with pain relief, anxiety, stress and depression, seizures. 

We also have programs for your pets.  CBD has amazing benefits for your pets. THC is not recommended for animals.  


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